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Parser Error: can't find the trigger

Hi all,

I got a grammar file that pass through SableCC successfully with no error.
 The speed is much better than expected.  Now I got the lexer, parser, and
analysis files that was generated in the process.  I created a file called
Translation.java which extends DepthFirstAdapter.java.  In it, I overwrote
the out.. method to print out the node.  I also created Tcompiler.java
which creates an instance of Lexer, Parser, and Translation. 

However, when I tried to run the compiler (Tcompiler) with a test file
(test.html), it error out with "parser.parserException: [1,2] THtml
expected".  I checked test.html, and the second token is html which should
be what it is expecting.  I included all the files used.  I will greatly
appreciate any help on this.


.grm (GRM File)

.java (Java File)

.java (Java File)