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Re: SableCC on JDK1.2b4 and RegExp package

David Karr wrote:

> I've seen (and used) the OROMatcher package, but that doesn't appear
> to work with 1.2b4 (I'll bet it uses an obfuscator that isn't
> 1.2b4-compatible).  I've tried asking the OROMatcher authors and users
> about this, but there appears to be no one home.


I`ve experienced the same problem with OROmatcher. As a workaround
until ORO inc fixes their distribution you can start your application
with "java -noverify  yourMainClass" . This disables the class
verification, and the ClassFormatError does not show up.
The OROmatcher classes then still work fine with JDK 1.2beta4.

Of course, thats not the real solution. I`m interested in the 
"real" fix as well....

Hope this helps

Thomas Jenny     email: tjenny AT zrh.che.xerox.com
software engineer, consultant / Zuehlke Engineering / tj AT zuehlke.ch