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Re: No parser generated in 2.5?

Philip Estes writes:
> Yes, I had tried that.  It just didn't seem like an error condition
> since there was no warning or output at all..just a quiet exit from
> SableCC.  I ran it through jdb and found that in
> ca.mcgill.sable.sablecc.GenParser.java in caseStart1() method that
> hasProductions is equal to false, which looks like it is only set if
> outProd1 method is called.  I didn't look any further than this, other

I had a few problems with SableCC that were fixed in later versions,
but the way you can figure out what's going on is to unpack the
classfiles into /tmp, and add /tmp to your CLASSPATH. Then you can
add System.out.println(...) to various .java files (because it
includes the source) at strategic places to try and figure out
where it's stopping by doing essentially a binary search on the
execution path... low tech but it works :-)


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