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Re: No parser generated in 2.5?

Yes, I had tried that.  It just didn't seem like an error condition
since there was no warning or output at all..just a quiet exit from
SableCC.  I ran it through jdb and found that in
ca.mcgill.sable.sablecc.GenParser.java in caseStart1() method that
hasProductions is equal to false, which looks like it is only set if
outProd1 method is called.  I didn't look any further than this, other
than to look at 2.1 code to see if it was any different..looks mostly
the same as far as how that code path runs in GenParser.java.  Any
thoughts or suggestions?  I noticed that grammar.txt and unicode.txt
are quite larger now than in 2.0/2.1 SableCC.  Anyway, since
hasProductions boolean is false it does not generate a Parser, just
returns to caller and then quietly exits.


>Have you tried using the "-mx1024m" argument, e.g.:
>java -mx1024m SableCC grammar.txt
>Because, if you didn't, the Java VM might have run out of memory. (By
>default, it does not use anymore than 16 Megs).