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Re: No parser generated in 2.5?

Hi Philip.

Have you tried using the "-mx1024m" argument, e.g.:

java -mx1024m SableCC grammar.txt

Because, if you didn't, the Java VM might have run out of memory. (By
default, it does not use anymore than 16 Megs).


Philip Estes wrote:
> I just joined the list recently, so I have no idea if this has been
> discussed at all.  Hopefully I am not the 8000th SableCC 2.5 user to
> mention this.
> I downloaded 2.5 recently to being work on a project for my Master's
> after having played earlier this year with 2.1 at some point.  When I
> went to the Java1.1 grammar example and ran SableCC on the grammar.txt
> or unicode.txt all classes were generated except for the
> root.parser. classes.  I.e. no Parser.java, no ParserException.java,
> etc., etc.  When it comes time to generate the parser, it says so on
> stdout, but no "i'm-working-on-it" dots are printed out.  No errors,
> no warnings, no Java exceptions, no core dump.  It just ends at this
> point like it is done.  I know on 2.1 this worked because I then was
> able to javac Main.java, and the other classes in the examples
> directory.  I then decided to try another JVM on my SPARC Sun Solaris
> 2.6 box, so I tried 1.2 beta 4.  This doesn't work because some piece
> of the SableCC parser has a method with code size > 64K.  Anyway,
> that's fine, so I decided to try 1.1.6 on OS/2 on my other machine,
> and it did the same thing..got all the way to generating the Parser
> and then stopped without any error or exception.  Am I doing something
> wrong?  The JVM I was originally trying on Sun was Sun's 1.1.6 FCS for
> Solaris 2.6.  Any known problems?
> Thanks for your help.
> Phil Estes
> IBM Austin
> estesp@austin.ibm.com