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No parser generated in 2.5?

I just joined the list recently, so I have no idea if this has been
discussed at all.  Hopefully I am not the 8000th SableCC 2.5 user to
mention this.

I downloaded 2.5 recently to being work on a project for my Master's
after having played earlier this year with 2.1 at some point.  When I
went to the Java1.1 grammar example and ran SableCC on the grammar.txt
or unicode.txt all classes were generated except for the
root.parser. classes.  I.e. no Parser.java, no ParserException.java,
etc., etc.  When it comes time to generate the parser, it says so on
stdout, but no "i'm-working-on-it" dots are printed out.  No errors,
no warnings, no Java exceptions, no core dump.  It just ends at this
point like it is done.  I know on 2.1 this worked because I then was
able to javac Main.java, and the other classes in the examples
directory.  I then decided to try another JVM on my SPARC Sun Solaris
2.6 box, so I tried 1.2 beta 4.  This doesn't work because some piece
of the SableCC parser has a method with code size > 64K.  Anyway,
that's fine, so I decided to try 1.1.6 on OS/2 on my other machine,
and it did the same thing..got all the way to generating the Parser
and then stopped without any error or exception.  Am I doing something
wrong?  The JVM I was originally trying on Sun was Sun's 1.1.6 FCS for
Solaris 2.6.  Any known problems?

Thanks for your help.

Phil Estes
IBM Austin