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RE: sableCC / IBM VisualAge

Hi, everyone,

I dont't know whether it helps, but the problem might originate from the fact
that while loading a jar into the VAJ system, the latter tries to compile all source files,
and, since VAJ doesn't support inner classes, everything crashes.

What I did was to unjar all the stuff, then compile it and load as binary classes.
Sure that's not an elegant way, but SableCC works so far pretty well within VAJ 1.0.

Hope it helps,
Roman Sotnikov

From: 	Etienne Gagnon
Sent: 	Monday, October 12, 1998 8:19 PM
To: 	sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca
Subject: 	Re: sableCC / IBM VisualAge

Have you found the solution to your problem?


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Date: September 11, 1998 2:56 PM
Subject: sableCC / IBM VisualAge

>I am trying to import the jar files (sablecc-2.5.jar and
>sableutil-1.3.jar) into a default package using IBM's
>VisualAge IDE and it gives me some unresolved "problems".  
>Has anyone encountered the same? 
>Thanks in advance.