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Re: Questions

tienne Gagnon wrote:

> Answer to Q1:
> Look at the "public static String name(String s)" method in class
> "ca.mcgill.sable.sablecc.ResolveIds" (in SableCC's source code). It is
> probably what you are looking for. (Do not forget the LGPL license on this
> code!)

OK I will look into the code, but I want use your code As a library to be shure
to have the
same transformation as you. Because my generator, will use your generated

> Answer to Q2:
> Look through  the mailing list archive. There has been a pretty good
> discussion about this problem, and possible solutions. My preferred solution
> involves major changes to SableCC, but don't wait for it.
> A simple trick is to have an "end of message" token. Then you use a
> customized lexer to replace this token by an EOF token that you send to the
> parser.

My problem, is that the lexer can not see the end of block. Only the parser know
that the set of token is coherent.

I will try to get the mail list.

New question
What is the address of the mail list ? I can not reach it.