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Re: Questions

> My problem, is that the lexer can not see the end of block. Only the parser know
> that the set of token is coherent.

That is harder to deal with, using the LALR(1) parser implementation of
SableCC. To solve your problem, SableCC would need to generate a mix of
LALR(0) and LALR(1) states. [This is all explained in details in the

The simple solution is to add an "end-of-line" character at the end of
each command (or something similar), and use a customized lexer to
change it into an EOF token. 

> I will try to get the mail list.
> New question
> What is the address of the mail list ? I can not reach it.

Look for the archive on the http://www.sable.mcgill.ca/sablecc/ web