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Re: ECMAScript (JavaScript) Project Proposal

"Etienne M. Gagnon" wrote:

> Valentin Pavlov wrote:
> >.. but where i can download the original
> > specification?
> Hi Valentin,
> Try this link:
> http://www.ecma.ch/stand/ECMA-262.htm
> It's appendix A.  (Productions are in A.3 to A.5)
> [Ideally, we would need somebody to set up a project web page on
> www.sourceforge.org (or some other site) first.]


I'm interested in the project as a way to learn SableCC (I used CUP and
JFlex in
a project and I'm curious to see the benefits of SableCC).

I'm not sure if I can contribute code, but I can take the task of setting
up the website you
you want.

I guess that first we need to choose a name for the project, right?