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Re: ECMAScript (JavaScript) Project Proposal

> You may have noticed that Uwe Hoffman was seeking help to solve a few
> conflicts in his ECMA Script grammar (new name for JavaScript).  Some
> investigation showed that the grammar he used to start his project did not
> conform to the official ECMA-262 specification.
> Now, I think that having an ECMAScript grammar and interpreter written using
> SableCC might appeal to many of you.  I do not personally have the time to
> implement this project myself, as I am very busy with my Ph.D. research.  On
> the other hand, I am willing to help with the technical design, giving the
> general directions and helping with LALR conflicts, AST transformations, and
> interpreter design.

I would like to get involved with a project like this.  I usd Sable
for my C (as if!) compiler project in a translation writing class at
the U of C so I can help out a bit, and I'd love to help!  (But 
I don't think I have enough time on my hands to volunteer to be the 

PS - www.sourceforge.org looks awesome!  What a good idea for a site :)