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Re: custom error handling

Will do. I'll recompile my software and re-run my unit tests with it
tomorrow, and test out the error reporting too.


> Hi Kyle,
> > ...For example, I'd rather
> > have "expecting 'and' or 'or'" rather than "TAnd TOr." ...
> >
> > Is there a way to do this I haven't found? I see back in May of last year
> > someone offered a patch to do just this, but no one replied and I assume
> > the patch is quite out of date now.
> I have made an experimental SableCC version that implements what you
> asked for.
> You will notice that I have chosen to switch SableCC's version numbering
> to the Linux scheme: major.minor.revision, where "minor" is even for
> stable versions and odd for experimental versions.
> Please try out SableCC 2.15.0, and let me know (on this list) if I
> should change anything before making it into a stable version (2.16.0).
> Hope this helps;-)
> Etienne