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Ready for a larger project?

Does anyone have any opinions on the use of SableCC for a larger compiler
project?  I am probably going to be closely involved in the construction of
a new (open source,  commercially supported) language compiler (a strict
imperitive parallel language similar to occam).  I really like to approach
taken by SableCC, it looks much easier to maintain the code than other
compiler compilers.  Do large compiler projects use compiler compilers?  The
general trend seems to be for `commercial grade' compilers to use hand coded
parsers and lexers, but I'd like to make development as quick as possible.
All the examples appear to be very much toy languages (no offence, I realise
its a fairly new tool) and I've had some problems getting them from the
SourceForge CVS (the directories for most appear empty, although I did find
an older .tar.gz on the old site).

Another thing I was wondering - how easy to you think it would be for the
lexer to support indentation to delimit blocks (a la occam and Python)?  I
think it should be possible from my read of the thesis, but anyone have any
experience of this?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.  Oh and keep up the good work Etienne.

Jim Moores
Jim Moores, Quickstone Systems, UK.