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Re: Ready for a larger project?

Hi Jim,

I have implemented a full version of the smallPascal
example. But, unfortunately, the university has the
copyrights of software. It is a parallel language and
it wouldn't be difficult to implement it as an OCCAM
like language. Basically, it has all the features that
you find in OCCAM, plus some other features I have
To be honest, SableCC is the easiest tool you can use
to generate compilers, but the code it generates is
not as fast as JavaCC, CUP or ANTLR.
There isn't anything that stops you from implementing
a proper language with it. In fact, the time it will
take you will be much shorter.
I'm about to implement a larger compiler and I'm going
to make it open source as well.
I don't know if you have come across Aspect-Oriented
programming. The language I'm about to implement is a
Delphi version of AspectJ (www.aspectj.org), an aspect
oriented extension to Java.
Anyway, I shall tell you go for it. You are going to
be amazed with the results.
I have a grammar for a concurrent programming language
somewhere on my PC. If I find it, I'll have it added
to the distribution.

All the best,

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