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Re: grammar questions

Indrek Mandre wrote:
> I have to confess i'm no expert on Java Collections but is there a difference
> between .add and .addAll? Or is the added list being modified in a concurrent
> thread during .addAll?

In the DepthFirstAdapter, the array copying is really necessary.  In the
current case, I do not remember if it caused any problem.  I can change
it to clear & addAll.  Most likely, this method hasn't been used by many
people, or I would have received bug reports earlier.

> > > And more. Isn't that functions used for modfifying the tree by users?
> > > If so then it doesn't replace the list but appends the contents. Is
> > > that valid behavior? Shouldn't it clear() it first?
> >
> > Good point.  I think clear() should be called.  Could you submit a bug
> > about it at http://sourceforge.net/bugs/?func=addbug&group_id=5704
> Sorry. The sourceforge gave me a "ERROR: ERROR getting bug_id". It
> seems to be broken.

Another broken SourceForge feature.  At least, they fixed the
mailing-list archives.

Thanks for the report.

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