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Re: Symbol tables and scopes

Hi all!

"Etienne M. Gagnon" wrote:
> > Does SableCC include support for symbol tables and management of
> > (nested)scopes?
> There comes the magic of OO and Java:-)
> 1- You design a SymbolTable class, that probably uses a Hashtable object
> to associate strings with declaration nodes.
> 2- You extend your preferred tree walker (probably DepthFirstAdapter),
> and use a Stack field to push/pop SymbolTable objects as you enter/leave
> a scope.
> This is one way of doing it.
> Etienne

I thought more about construction of scopes while parsing and building
the ast.

I'm not quite sure if this is necessary, probably I have to work at a
different edge. What I like to do/have is to descide if an identifier is
read if this is a TYPE or a VARIABLE, so when a type is defined I need
to update the symboltable while parsing and the lexer needs to have to
look up if it returns a TYPE token or an IDENTIFIER token.

I thought for stuff like this you allready might have a standard symbol

Anyway, if you like to support a typedef keyword like in C/C++ how would
you manage to insert the new type into a symbol table after the ';' is


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