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Re: Line-by-line evaluation or all at once?

Hi Marco.

Sorry for the rather long delay to reply...

See below.

Marco Ladermann wrote:
> This problem can be solved by intoducing a (final) LinkedList element (say
> listStack) to the class, removing the final modifier of the stack Iterator
> and inserting the statement
>         stack = listStack.listIterator();
> as the first instruction to the parse-method.
> By overriding the filter-method of the Lexer one can provide a EOF token as
> needed.
> This would allow to use the same parser in an interactive enviroment
> (line-by-line evaluation) or where the input is a stream of parseable texts.
> This approach might be an alternative to always create a new parser object,
> since the entries in the LinkedList can be reused and must not be newly
> created.

Would you like to implement this?  (Maybe you already have).  If you
send me the code (licensed under the LGPL, you retain copyright:-), I
can take care of integrating it into the official SableCC development
tree.  Just be patient.  I won't have much time to devote to SableCC
until the summer.

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