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Re: Java2 grammar

Hi THomas.

Thomas Leonhardt wrote:
> we changed the java to grammar a bit, so now you will be able to
> parse the whole JDK and the grammar is now able to deal with the
> creation of inner classes from outside the containing class.

Thanks a lot for this great contribution.  It will be integrated into
the grammar repository.

Mariusz Nowostawski wrote:
> Etienne, shall we integrate the updated Java grammar into the source
> tree? If so, just let me know and I will do it.

Yes, this would be nice.  Do you think you have some time to also
migrate the other grammars from the sableccgrammars project to the
SableCC CVS tree?  Thanks in advance.


Etienne M. Gagnon, M.Sc.                     e-mail: egagnon@j-meg.com
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