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Re: (long) Re: SableCC hangs when 'compiling' a grammar

"Etienne M. Gagnon" wrote:
> main:
>   [1] java.util.Vector.elementAt (Vector.java:419)
>   [2] org.sablecc.sablecc.DFA.match (DFA.java:96)

There is no reason why SableCC should still be using "Vector", as it is
"synchonized" and SableCC is not meant to be multithreaded.  I think the
Collection API provides an ArrayList (or something similar) which
provides the functionality of Vector, but without synchronization.

I haven't fixed this because I don't have the time to do it.  If you
want (or anybody else) to implement this modification, please free to do
so using the current CVS snapshot.  (See

Maybe this could get you past the VM bug (if it is really a bug related
to locks).

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