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Re: Modification in SableCC behavior

Hi Moisés,

You might want to do some research in the literature about the subject. 
All I can do is refer you to the recent comment of the moderator of the
comp.compilers news group at the end of the following message:


Now, to answer your question: there exist parsing algorithms that can
compute all possible ASTs, given an "input" and an "ambiguous grammar". 
*Theoretically* it is possible to add such a thing to SableCC.


Moisés Braga Ribeiro wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm working on a project about natural language processing. People
> usually
> do the job with Prolog, but I'm seeking alternatives ---actually
> *bottom-up*
> alternatives.
> I got SableCC and liked its results, but it is oriented to programming
> languages, that is, it only looks for the first match between input and
> rules. I'd like to modify the code so SableCC could look for *all*
> matches,
> as Prolog does. Is it possible? (Of course some pre-processing would be
> done
> to the text before it becomes input to SableCC.)
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> --
> Moisés Braga Ribeiro                                moisesbr@iname.com

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