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Re: Modification in SableCC behavior

Etienne M. Gagnon wrote:
> You might want to do some research in the literature about the subject.
> All I can do is refer you to the recent comment of the moderator of the
> comp.compilers news group at the end of the following message:
> http://compilers.iecc.com/comparch/article/01-05-085

Good advice, thank you. I'll try to find something in
www.linguistlist.org and other sites.

> Now, to answer your question: there exist parsing algorithms that can
> compute all possible ASTs, given an "input" and an "ambiguous grammar".

Do you know any links to sites/articles about this?

> *Theoretically* it is possible to add such a thing to SableCC.

Is the parsing algorithm a "plugin" in SableCC?
If so one could use this kind of odd parsers.

Thank you, and my apologies for the long time past since your mail.
I'm *very* busy these days...

Moisés Braga Ribeiro                                moisesbr@iname.com