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Re: Modification in SableCC behavior

Moisés Braga Ribeiro wrote:
> Do you know any links to sites/articles about this?

There's the online book by Dick Grune and Ceriel J.H. Jacobs:

It is a very good start.  You might then want to read conference
proceedings papers (connferences like "Compiler COnstruction", etc.)
about recent developments (and subjects like "Tomita" parsers, etc.).

> Is the parsing algorithm a "plugin" in SableCC?
> If so one could use this kind of odd parsers.

Theoretically yes, up to a point:  SableCC only supports a "clean"
grammar description; no predicates/conflict resolution.  Also, in
practice, you have to fit your parser generator within the SableCC
code...  SableCC 3 might be more friendly to this.

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