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AW: Serialization of parse trees

Title: AW: Serialization of parse trees

Hi Etienne,

> Hi Thomas,
> Do you agree to license this code under SableCC's licensing
> terms (LGPL
> / no license requirement on generated code)?  Also, who is
> the Copyright
> holder (you / your University with permission to license it/etc.)?

I'm the copyright holder. I've no problems if you put the code under the same
license as sablecc in general or whatever (open source) license you choose.

> I will take care of looking at your code and decide what to include.
> For sure, the serialization stuff looks attractive.  And maybe it is
> time to cleanup the toString stuff a little (using a tree
> walker it the
> correct way to customize AST printing).
> > One thing I changed is that the LinkedLists in Macro:ListElement are
> > now realy
> > of type TypeLinkedList. It's needed and I don't understand why they
> > where
> > of type LinkedList anyway.
> I'll check this.  I don't remember exactly, but I think I
> wanted to hide
> the "TypeLinkedList" class behind the "LinkedList" interface
> so that new
> users wouldn't ask "what's this?". :-)

Oh, OK ;O). I'm not quite sure cause if it really was necessary to
change the type of the attribute from LinkedList to TypedLinkedList.
The original change was made quite a while ago. Now I only put the changes
into the macros. I guess the reason was that java used the wrong serialization
method if the attribute was of type LinkedList. I'll try to check and tell you.

The change in the toString method of class Node was needed because we're using it
to determine the name of the token. For this we can't have any whitespaces coming with
the return value.