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Re: A simple question...


The square brackets are used to resolve naming conflicts. For example

  add = expression plus expression ;

How can you access the different expressions? Usually, sablecc makes a
getExpression() method in the AAdd node, but if the names are the same, it
cannot. This problem can be fixed by:

  add = [left]:expression plus [right]:expression ;

Now, we can use getLeft() and getRight() to access the two expressions.

Hope that helps,


 On Fri, 31 Aug 2001,
Joseane Farias
Fidalgo wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm newer on using Sablecc and I have a simple question in the rules
> expressed in the productions of the specification-file of sablecc...
> When I have, for example:
> 	statement = {if} if condition [nl1]:new_line ...
> 	What's the meaning of the [nl1]:new_line, i.e, the construction
> [__]:____???
> I have studied Etienne's thesis but I think I missed some details...
> Thanks in advance, Joseane.