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sablecc 2.12


I'm trying to pull up our project (the ocl compiler) to sablecc 2.16.2. 
Unfortunatly, the new version breaks our test suites. Could possibly be a bug 
in our code. To investigate, it would be useful to have the sable-cc used to 
create our current ocl parser, which I suspect is 2.12. Additionally I 
suspect, that our parser code contains some hand-made modifications, and I 
would like to find them with a diff.

So if anyone still has the 2.12 available, it would be nice to send me a copy.

Thanks in advance,

PS: A probably superfluous hint: Please make sure to send it to me only, 
cause the rest of the list may not be so happy about that 400+k over a modem 

Ralf Wiebicke <ralf@rw7.de>
backup: Ralf Wiebicke <rw7@ngi.de>