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Re: Serialization of parse trees

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 10:35:08AM +0200, Thomas Leonhardt wrote:
> attached are the changed macro files which allow parse trees to be
> serialized.

Thanks a lot!

> I removed the code which was specific to our project.

If you have any improvement suggestion for SableCC, feel free to discuss it
on this list.

> If you want to use the files just copy them into the appropriate directory
> of your sablecc installation. BE SURE TO BACKUP THE ORIGINAL FILES.

No problem, they're in CVS, but thanks for the warning!

> If you run sablecc now it will generate node classes which can be
> serialized.
> The serialization isn't optimized in any way, the standard java mechanism is
> used. Because of that serialization and deserialization is quite slow.

That's fine.  Serialization optimization is a Java library problem, not a
SableCC one.

I'll let you know once your code is checked in CVS.

Thanks again!


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