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Re: java-getopt

"Also, we could build "pure" binary distributions that would not include

> source files (allowed, as long as source code is distributed on the same
> site/location) to rreduce the download size.

+1 for that. I think for most newcomers boundled sources are just an useless
overhead, and for other project users it is pretty easy to fetch sources from
other distribution modules or directly from CVS.

> So, unless somebody has objections to this, we could make the following
> distribution files (same for anttask):
> sablecc-x.y.z.tar.gz : includes everything (source + binary) [same for
> included anttask-x.y.z & getopt]
> sablecc-x.y.z-src.tar.gz : sources only (same for included anttask & getopt]
> sablecc-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz : only .jar files [open to debate: should it
> include anttask.jar or anttask-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz or both?  If it doesn't
> include the .tar.gz files, we should make sure there's a LICENSE file
> included somewhere in each .jar file.  Make your suggestions]

my big +1

ps. Sorry that I am not really reading and responding to all the messages in
correct order ;o)

best regards