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Re: java-getopt

"Raif S. Naffah" wrote:
> yes.  it's my personal work and i'm contributing it for use under the same
> conditions as SableCC.

Super! (again;-).  And thanks!  [I'll have to increase my vocabulary,
some day:-)]

I'm reading with much interest the thread about .jar inclusion.  If any
body had a neat solution, feel free to discuss it.

The only solution path I see is in the direction of the neat "libtool
versioning", e.g. you give a "3 number" version based on implemented
interface versions, e.g. CURRENT.REVISION.AGE.  But this requires a
standard .jar repository location, and some custom class-loading
mechanism to "emulate" load time versioning checking/resolution (which
is done partly at library install time on UNIX using file system
"links").  This a seems ambitious to implement, but would certainly
resolve all the library versioning problems (at least as well as they
are on Linux).

Have fun!

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