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Re: java-getopt


Thanks a lot Raif for your contribution, I have fiddled a little with the
SableCC.java source and put it into CVS  (removing older SableCC.java and
Executable.java.)  Mostly formatting and commenting, some touch-ups.

I am a little dissapointed, that getopt does not help with the command
line options help and descriptions - it would be good to declare/define
command line options and their descriptions only in one place, and let the
getopt library to do all the presentation, instead of having two places to
fiddle with (declaration and seperate description).

well, but apart from that all seems to be ok   ;o)

Etienne: feel free to change all the legal-related stuff, and add Raif to
appropriate files - CVS is all yours now.

Also, Thanks Etienne for the other distribution related questions, I
understand it more now.

best regards