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Re: java-getopt

If you do bundle getopt into sablecc jar, please change the class

sablecc is used with other code which also uses getopt and
may want a different version. Sun screwed up here by bundling
old XML libraries with J2EE and caused me no end of grief.

It really is no trouble to ship 2 jars. You just 
list the getopt jar in a manifest header of the sablecc jar.

ClassPath: getopt.jar

See the "m" option to "jar" to support custom manifests
(or ant "manifest" parameter).

The java class loader does all the work. You need never mention
getopt.jar in any of your startup scripts or user CLASSPATH so all
existing clients will need no script changes, and the dependency is
clearly stated in just one place (albeit invisible to most people!).

Christopher William Turner, http://www.cycom.co.uk/ "Serving fine Java
since 1996"