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Re: java-getopt

At 08:29 PM 9/5/01 -0400, Etienne M. Gagnon wrote:
>"Raif S. Naffah" wrote:
> > i'll finish the getopt stuff since i started it.  but i need some
> > decisions.  provided java-getopt classes are not embedded in the 
> sablecc.jar:
> >
> > 1. the getopt package comes all in one piece.  i can separate the source
> > from the .class + other needed files to build a pure .jar file that gets
> > used by sablecc.  the alternative would be to use it as is.  in both cases
> > the manifest will be written to expect the java-getopt.jar to be at the
> > same level as the sablecc.jar.  (to me it makes more sense to keep it 
> as is)
>Personally I like sources to be in *-src.tar.gz files.  I prefer to keep
>".jar" packaging solely for "executable jar files" (or jars meant to be
>on the classpath).  One can always use .zip otherwise.


>Don't worry too much about packaging.  Instead, it would be nice if you
>your efforts into writing the correct Manifest files so that one could
>put sablecc.jar, sablecc-ant.jar, and getopt.jar in a single directory
>then write "java -jar sablecc.jar" to run the whole thing [no classpath
>settings, or any other setting required].

that's done and tested.  i used it on my ASN.1 kit with both a normal 
invocation similar to the above as well as with invocation through the 
Sablecc ANT taskdef.

> > 2. renaming java-getop-xxx.jar to just java-getopt.jar (doing that in ant's
> > build.xml is trivial) would protect against future versions of java-getopt,
> > that are feature-compatible with those used by sablecc, from requiring a
> > re-packing/change to the sablecc distribution.  any objection to following
> > this scheme?
>This is OK for the "executable jar".  I like the distribution packages
>to have
>an explicit version.  It is OK for now (until something like "RAK" comes
>to hard code a build dependency between SableCC x1.y1.z1 and getopt

ok.  let me summarise:

1. hard-code the dependency in the build.xml file of the sablecc dist on 
include the java-getopt-1.0.8.tar.gz in the source distribution.
2. build a minimalist java-getopt.jar to be placed/located in the lib 
3. do the same for sablecc-anttask.
4. change the manifest to include a reference to both those resulting jars.

if i misunderstood anything, let me know.

>Would you like CVS write access?  It would lessen the pressure on
>Mariusz and
>me a little... ;-)

why not.  i'll keep you both informed anyway before committing anything 
into the repository.

>Thanks a lot.

you're welcome + cheers;