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Re: java-getopt

> that's done and tested.  i used it on my ASN.1 kit with both a normal 
> invocation similar to the above as well as with invocation through the 
> Sablecc ANT taskdef.


> ok.  let me summarise:
> 1. hard-code the dependency in the build.xml file of the sablecc dist on 
> java-getopt-1.0.8.
> include the java-getopt-1.0.8.tar.gz in the source distribution.
> 2. build a minimalist java-getopt.jar to be placed/located in the lib 
> directory.
> 3. do the same for sablecc-anttask.
> 4. change the manifest to include a reference to both those resulting jars.

You perfectly understood.  (A small change): Ideally, the 
sablecc*-src.tar.gz should only include java-getopt*-src.tar.gz, and 
same for anttask, files.  Currently, it includes an anttask which 
includes binary code (.jar and/or .class).  I would change this.

Also, we could build "pure" binary distributions that would not include
source files (allowed, as long as source code is distributed on the same
site/location) to rreduce the download size.  I have been reticent to 
this in the past, but many have suggested it.  So, as this is becoming a 
community driven project, I am open to let users drive the direction. 
So, unless somebody has objections to this, we could make the following
distribution files (same for anttask):

sablecc-x.y.z.tar.gz : includes everything (source + binary) [same for 
included anttask-x.y.z & getopt]
sablecc-x.y.z-src.tar.gz : sources only (same for included anttask & getopt]
sablecc-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz : only .jar files [open to debate: should it 
include anttask.jar or anttask-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz or both?  If it doesn't 
include the .tar.gz files, we should make sure there's a LICENSE file 
included somewhere in each .jar file.  Make your suggestions]

> why not.  i'll keep you both informed anyway before committing anything 
> into the repository.

Can you privately send me your SF username?  (I am lazy, I could find 
it;-). Thanks.

Etienne M. Gagnon                    http://www.info.uqam.ca/~egagnon/
SableVM:                                       http://www.sablevm.org/
SableCC:                                       http://www.sablecc.org/