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if/else if

Thanks for the help. Now I changed my grammer like the sample java grammer as follows:
     if_statement={if_else} if l_par general_expression r_par [true]:statement_no_if else [false]:statement |
          {if} if l_par general_expression r_par statement;
     if_statement_no_if =
          {if_else} if l_par general_expression r_par [true]:statement_no_if else [false]:statement_no_if;
It solves reduce/shift problem. Now I can build the parser. Everything works fine for my code except
that I can not put "else if" together. For example, all the followings are fine:
1) "if (a>5) {b=5;}"
2) "if (a>5) {b=5;} else {c=5;}"
3) "if (a>5) {b=5;} else {if(a>4) {;}}"
But if I put "else if" together, like
"if (a>5) {b=5;} else if (a>4) {b=3;}", then I got the following error message:
"parser.ParserException: [1,17] expecting: EOF", the position is pointing to the beginning of
the "else". Please let me what is your thought.
Thanks a lot.
Yuntao Cui