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RE: [wishlist] sablecc and CORBA?

Trying to understand this request...

SableCC can already parse CORBA IDL.  However, I cannot imagine why you would be
interested in having a node class have a CORBA interface.  This would only be
useful if you wanted to invoke a method on the Node class remotely... is that
what you are asking for?


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Subject: [wishlist] sablecc and CORBA?

Hi again,

This is pretty sketchy at the moment.. but what are the possibilities for
generating language neutral parsers? I've never used CORBA, but I know
from XPCOM (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/xpcom), which is similar to
CORBA, that this sort of thing may be a possibility.

How would you go about it? Could each of our Node classes have CORBA

Is it possible?