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Output text from AST

Hi again,

I'd like to thank Thomas for his quick responce to my previous question.

Up till now, I have modified the Java grammer slightly, parsed a java
source program with this modified grammer, and then transformed the AST
in to a completely j11.sablecc compatible AST.

I was wondering if any one has previously created a "pretty printer"
adapter that traverses a standard Java AST and outputs the Java code.
Is there any standard way in which this can be done with out having
to write over-riding every production rule's method?  I'm just trying
to save myself from writing a heap of code here :)

Thanks in advance.


Nicholas Read, BSc
Hobart, Tasmania

Email:  Nicholas.Read@utas.edu.au
Mobile: 0429-487-700
ICQ #:  20770226

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