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Re: forced shift/reduce conflict resolution

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 10:42:15PM +0200, VEROK Istvan wrote:
> How would one go about making SableCC generate a greedy parser (that is,
> arbitrarily resolve during generation all shift/reduce conflicts as
> "shift") ?  No clue anywhere that I could find in the docs.

You have to encode such a thing by hand.  I will eventually include
some disambiguation support in SableCC, but not arbitrary shift/reduce
and reduce/reduce resolutions, as these things are *very* tricky to

Look in src/org/sablecc/sablecc/Grammar.java.  You simply need to
change the computeLALR() method to resolve the conflict instead of
throwing an exception.

Be warned that you are playing a dangerous game.


> Regards,
> Istvan
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