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Re: SableCC grammar?

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 07:44:46PM -0700, Keunwoo Lee wrote:
> I notice that the SableCC grammar in the Sourceforge repository at
>    CVSROOT/grammars/SableCC/grammar/sablecc-2x.sablecc
> does not actually generate the Java sources that are in
>    CVSROOT/sablecc/src/org/sablecc/sablecc/{analysis,lexer,node,parser}
> Is there a good reason for this? 

Yes and no...  SableCC 2 was built using the dead SableCC 1.  A
student of mine has been working on SableCC last Summer.  He has fixed
SableCC 2 to use a SableCC 2 front-end; this did require some work.

I have just submitted my Ph.D. thesis a little over a week ago.  In
the upcoming days, I will start committing some of his work, including
the new front-end.


PS: I will also start diggin through the newer stuff that was added in
the experimental version (I hadn't have time until now to do so).

> Is there some way that you could post
> the real grammar that was used to generate the SableCC sources in the CVS
> repository (or, alternatively, better sources that work with the grammar
> that's provided)?  I am considering modifying SableCC itself for my own
> purposes, and this is difficult without a matching grammar file and
> sources.
> ~k.lee
> .

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