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native sablecc.exe


If anybody is interested, I've just built a native sablecc.exe with GCJ. You
can also build it on Linux and the other vast array of platforms supported
by GCC and just leave out the '.exe' as needed. By the way, GCC is supported
on more platforms than the JDK.

This native version is fully self-contained. No need for '.bat' or '.sh'
files any longer. And no need to install a JRE runtime to run sablecc.
Including runtime, and compressed with UPX, it is 670 Kb large.

I've had to make a few minor changes, however, to sablecc's way of reading
resources, in order to use the core protocol; and of course it is built with
another build.xml target.

I've also removed the localisation from gnu.getopt in this native version,
because it complicates the build. SableCc is not localized, and I think it
looks funny to produce error messages both in English and in a localized
language. As far as I'm concerned, it is the one or the other. And since
documentation only exists in English, as far as I know, I don't see the
point in localization. Anyway, localization of a commandline tool in itself
is a strange endavour, since the target audience consists of technical
people, who usually read their manuals in English anyway.

So if anybody want to have a go at sablecc.exe, feel free to ask!

Erik Poupaert