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Re: native sablecc.exe

How is the speed performance of your executable vs. running the
classfiles on a modern VM?


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On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Erik Poupaert wrote:

> Hi
> If anybody is interested, I've just built a native sablecc.exe with GCJ. You
> can also build it on Linux and the other vast array of platforms supported
> by GCC and just leave out the '.exe' as needed. By the way, GCC is supported
> on more platforms than the JDK.
> This native version is fully self-contained. No need for '.bat' or '.sh'
> files any longer. And no need to install a JRE runtime to run sablecc.
> Including runtime, and compressed with UPX, it is 670 Kb large.
> I've had to make a few minor changes, however, to sablecc's way of reading
> resources, in order to use the core protocol; and of course it is built with
> another build.xml target.
> I've also removed the localisation from gnu.getopt in this native version,
> because it complicates the build. SableCc is not localized, and I think it
> looks funny to produce error messages both in English and in a localized
> language. As far as I'm concerned, it is the one or the other. And since
> documentation only exists in English, as far as I know, I don't see the
> point in localization. Anyway, localization of a commandline tool in itself
> is a strange endavour, since the target audience consists of technical
> people, who usually read their manuals in English anyway.
> So if anybody want to have a go at sablecc.exe, feel free to ask!
> Greetings
> Erik Poupaert