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Mic Tzem wrote:
I just installed SableCC and tried play arround with the example grammars.When I try to build any grammar ant replies me with
Class org.sablecc.ant.taskdef.Sablecc doesnt support the "withtools" atribute.
I checked the source for the ant task and indeed there is no such thing....So I modified the build.xml file and erase the withtools attribute from taskdef of sablecc.I tried again to build but this time I get compile errors like package org.sablecc.simplec.tool does not exist
(that seem to have to do with the attribute that I errased: )

Can anyone help ?

Which version of SableCC have you installed? Try downloading 2.17.3, and use this one instead of the stable 2.16.x Even though it is marked Experimental, most of the codebase is 'stable' ;o)

All the grammars' bulid.xml files are designed for experimental Sablecc 2.17.3, and this is the one which do support "tools". Older Sablecc does not have the "experimental" stuff built-in, so you cannot generate "tools" using the older stable release.


best regards