Interface StepRecord

All Superinterfaces:
Serializable, StepObject
All Known Implementing Classes:
EncoderEvent, MetaRecord

public interface StepRecord
extends StepObject

The common interface for all STEP record objects.

In addition to implementing the StepObject interface and fieldIterator() method, every STEP record class should implement the following features:

NOTE: The ordering of serialized fields, in particular with respect to inheritance, is not strictly defined (or enforced). The only constraint is that both the FieldIterator and RecordFactory must use the same ordering.

Field Summary
static Type TYPE
Method Summary
 FieldIterator fieldIterator()
          Get an iterator for serial access to this record's fields.
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Field Detail


public static final Type TYPE
Method Detail


public FieldIterator fieldIterator()
Get an iterator for serial access to this record's fields.

NOTE: The order in which fields are accessed by the iterator should be compatible with the factory associated with this record.

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