Class BIfCmpNeInst

  extended by soot.tagkit.AbstractHost
      extended by soot.AbstractUnit
          extended by soot.baf.internal.AbstractInst
              extended by soot.baf.internal.AbstractBranchInst
                  extended by soot.baf.internal.AbstractOpTypeBranchInst
                      extended by soot.baf.internal.BIfCmpNeInst
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IfCmpNeInst, Inst, OpTypeArgInst, TargetArgInst, Context, Host, Unit, Switchable

public class BIfCmpNeInst
extends AbstractOpTypeBranchInst
implements IfCmpNeInst

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class soot.baf.internal.AbstractOpTypeBranchInst
Fields inherited from class soot.AbstractUnit
Constructor Summary
BIfCmpNeInst(Type opType, Unit target)
Method Summary
 void apply(Switch sw)
          Used to implement the Switchable construct.
 Object clone()
          Returns a deep clone of this object.
 int getInCount()
 int getInMachineCount()
 String getName()
 int getOutCount()
 int getOutMachineCount()
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Constructor Detail


public BIfCmpNeInst(Type opType,
                    Unit target)
Method Detail


public int getInCount()
Specified by:
getInCount in interface Inst
getInCount in class AbstractOpTypeBranchInst


public Object clone()
Description copied from class: AbstractUnit
Returns a deep clone of this object.

Specified by:
clone in interface Unit
clone in class AbstractInst


public int getInMachineCount()
Specified by:
getInMachineCount in interface Inst
getInMachineCount in class AbstractInst


public int getOutCount()
Specified by:
getOutCount in interface Inst
getOutCount in class AbstractOpTypeBranchInst


public int getOutMachineCount()
Specified by:
getOutMachineCount in interface Inst
getOutMachineCount in class AbstractInst


public String getName()
Specified by:
getName in class AbstractBranchInst


public void apply(Switch sw)
Description copied from class: AbstractUnit
Used to implement the Switchable construct.

Specified by:
apply in interface Switchable
Specified by:
apply in class AbstractBranchInst