Uses of Interface

Packages that use EquivTo
soot Base Soot classes, shared by different intermediate representations. 
soot.baf.internal Internal, messy, implementation-specific classes for the Baf intermediate representation. 
soot.grimp Public classes for the Grimp intermediate representation. 
soot.grimp.internal Internal, messy, implementation-specific classes for the Grimp intermediate representation. 
soot.jimple Public classes for the Jimple intermediate representation. 
soot.jimple.internal Internal, messy, implementation-specific classes for the Jimple intermediate representation. 
soot.shimple Public classes for the SSA Shimple intermediate representation. 
soot.shimple.internal Shimple internal messy stuff. 
soot.shimple.toolkits.scalar Some analyses based on Shimple. 
soot.toolkits.scalar A number of scalar optimizations, and the flow analysis framework. 

Uses of EquivTo in soot

Subinterfaces of EquivTo in soot
 interface Immediate
          A local or constant.
 interface Local
          A local variable, used within Body classes.
 interface Value
          Data used as, for instance, arguments to instructions; typical implementations are constants or expressions.

Classes in soot that implement EquivTo
 class EquivalentValue
          Encapsulates the Value class, but uses EquivTo for equality comparisons.

Uses of EquivTo in soot.baf.internal

Classes in soot.baf.internal that implement EquivTo
 class BafLocal

Uses of EquivTo in soot.dava.internal.javaRep

Classes in soot.dava.internal.javaRep that implement EquivTo
 class DArrayInitExpr
 class DCmpExpr
 class DCmpgExpr
 class DCmplExpr
 class DInstanceFieldRef
 class DIntConstant
 class DInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class DLengthExpr
 class DNegExpr
 class DNewArrayExpr
 class DNewInvokeExpr
 class DNewMultiArrayExpr
 class DNotExpr
 class DShortcutIf
 class DSpecialInvokeExpr
 class DStaticFieldRef
 class DStaticInvokeExpr
 class DThisRef
 class DVirtualInvokeExpr

Uses of EquivTo in soot.grimp

Subinterfaces of EquivTo in soot.grimp
 interface NewInvokeExpr

Uses of EquivTo in soot.grimp.internal

Classes in soot.grimp.internal that implement EquivTo
 class AbstractGrimpFloatBinopExpr
 class AbstractGrimpIntBinopExpr
 class AbstractGrimpIntLongBinopExpr
 class GAddExpr
 class GAndExpr
 class GArrayRef
 class GCastExpr
 class GCmpExpr
 class GCmpgExpr
 class GCmplExpr
 class GDivExpr
 class GDynamicInvokeExpr
 class GEqExpr
 class GGeExpr
 class GGtExpr
 class GInstanceFieldRef
 class GInstanceOfExpr
 class GInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class GLeExpr
 class GLengthExpr
 class GLtExpr
 class GMulExpr
 class GNeExpr
 class GNegExpr
 class GNewArrayExpr
 class GNewInvokeExpr
 class GNewMultiArrayExpr
 class GOrExpr
 class GRemExpr
 class GShlExpr
 class GShrExpr
 class GSpecialInvokeExpr
 class GStaticInvokeExpr
 class GSubExpr
 class GUshrExpr
 class GVirtualInvokeExpr
 class GXorExpr

Uses of EquivTo in soot.jimple

Subinterfaces of EquivTo in soot.jimple
 interface AddExpr
 interface AndExpr
 interface AnyNewExpr
          Any expression that allocates objects.
 interface ArrayRef
 interface BinopExpr
 interface CastExpr
 interface CaughtExceptionRef
 interface CmpExpr
 interface CmpgExpr
 interface CmplExpr
 interface ConcreteRef
 interface ConditionExpr
 interface DivExpr
 interface DynamicInvokeExpr
 interface EqExpr
 interface Expr
 interface FieldRef
 interface GeExpr
 interface GtExpr
 interface IdentityRef
 interface InstanceFieldRef
 interface InstanceInvokeExpr
 interface InstanceOfExpr
 interface InterfaceInvokeExpr
 interface InvokeExpr
 interface LeExpr
 interface LengthExpr
 interface LtExpr
 interface MulExpr
 interface NeExpr
 interface NegExpr
 interface NewArrayExpr
 interface NewExpr
 interface NewMultiArrayExpr
 interface OrExpr
 interface Ref
 interface RemExpr
 interface ShlExpr
 interface ShrExpr
 interface SpecialInvokeExpr
 interface StaticInvokeExpr
 interface SubExpr
 interface UnopExpr
 interface UshrExpr
 interface VirtualInvokeExpr
 interface XorExpr

Classes in soot.jimple that implement EquivTo
 class ArithmeticConstant
 class ClassConstant
 class Constant
 class DoubleConstant
 class FloatConstant
 class IntConstant
 class LongConstant
 class NullConstant
 class NumericConstant
 class ParameterRef
          ParameterRef objects are used by Body objects to refer to the parameter slots on method entry.
 class RealConstant
 class StaticFieldRef
 class StringConstant
 class ThisRef

Uses of EquivTo in soot.jimple.internal

Classes in soot.jimple.internal that implement EquivTo
 class AbstractBinopExpr
 class AbstractCastExpr
 class AbstractFloatBinopExpr
 class AbstractInstanceFieldRef
 class AbstractInstanceInvokeExpr
 class AbstractInstanceOfExpr
 class AbstractIntBinopExpr
 class AbstractInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class AbstractIntLongBinopExpr
 class AbstractInvokeExpr
 class AbstractJimpleBinopExpr
 class AbstractJimpleFloatBinopExpr
 class AbstractJimpleIntBinopExpr
 class AbstractJimpleIntLongBinopExpr
 class AbstractLengthExpr
 class AbstractNegExpr
 class AbstractNewArrayExpr
 class AbstractNewExpr
 class AbstractNewMultiArrayExpr
 class AbstractSpecialInvokeExpr
 class AbstractStaticInvokeExpr
 class AbstractUnopExpr
 class AbstractVirtualInvokeExpr
 class JAddExpr
 class JAndExpr
 class JArrayRef
 class JCastExpr
 class JCaughtExceptionRef
 class JCmpExpr
 class JCmpgExpr
 class JCmplExpr
 class JDivExpr
 class JDynamicInvokeExpr
 class JEqExpr
 class JGeExpr
 class JGtExpr
 class JimpleLocal
 class JInstanceFieldRef
 class JInstanceOfExpr
 class JInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class JLeExpr
 class JLengthExpr
 class JLtExpr
 class JMulExpr
 class JNeExpr
 class JNegExpr
 class JNewArrayExpr
 class JNewExpr
 class JNewMultiArrayExpr
 class JOrExpr
 class JRemExpr
 class JShlExpr
 class JShrExpr
 class JSpecialInvokeExpr
 class JStaticInvokeExpr
 class JSubExpr
 class JUshrExpr
 class JVirtualInvokeExpr
 class JXorExpr

Uses of EquivTo in soot.jimple.toolkits.infoflow

Classes in soot.jimple.toolkits.infoflow that implement EquivTo
 class AbstractDataSource
 class CachedEquivalentValue
          An EquivalentValue with cached hash code and equals-relation.
 class FakeJimpleLocal

Uses of EquivTo in soot.jimple.toolkits.thread.synchronization

Classes in soot.jimple.toolkits.thread.synchronization that implement EquivTo
 class DeadlockAvoidanceEdge
 class NewStaticLock

Uses of EquivTo in soot.shimple

Subinterfaces of EquivTo in soot.shimple
 interface PhiExpr
          A fully defined PhiExpr usually consists of a list of Values for the arguments alongst with the corresponding control flow predecessor for each argument.
 interface PiExpr
 interface ShimpleExpr

Uses of EquivTo in soot.shimple.internal

Classes in soot.shimple.internal that implement EquivTo
 class SPhiExpr
          Internal implementation of Phi nodes.
 class SPiExpr
 class SValueUnitPair
          Extension of ValueUnitPair that implements SUnitBox.

Uses of EquivTo in soot.shimple.toolkits.graph

Classes in soot.shimple.toolkits.graph that implement EquivTo
protected static class ValueGraph.TypeValueWrapper

Uses of EquivTo in soot.shimple.toolkits.scalar

Classes in soot.shimple.toolkits.scalar that implement EquivTo
static class SEvaluator.BottomConstant
          Bottom i.e.
static class SEvaluator.MetaConstant
          Head of a new hierarchy of constants -- Top and Bottom.
static class SEvaluator.TopConstant
          Top i.e.

Uses of EquivTo in soot.toolkits.scalar

Classes in soot.toolkits.scalar that implement EquivTo
 class ValueUnitPair
          Utility class used to package a Value and a Unit together.