Class ConstructorFolder

  extended by soot.Transformer
      extended by soot.BodyTransformer
          extended by soot.grimp.toolkits.base.ConstructorFolder

public class ConstructorFolder
extends BodyTransformer

Constructor Summary
ConstructorFolder(Singletons.Global g)
Method Summary
protected  void internalTransform(Body b, String phaseName, Map options)
          This method change all new Obj/(args) pairs to new Obj(args) idioms.
static ConstructorFolder v()
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Constructor Detail


public ConstructorFolder(Singletons.Global g)
Method Detail


public static ConstructorFolder v()


protected void internalTransform(Body b,
                                 String phaseName,
                                 Map options)
This method change all new Obj/(args) pairs to new Obj(args) idioms.

Specified by:
internalTransform in class BodyTransformer
b - the body on which to apply the transformation
phaseName - the phasename for this transform; not typically used by implementations.
options - the actual computed options; a combination of default options and Scene specified options.