Uses of Interface

Packages that use ConvertToBaf
soot.grimp.internal Internal, messy, implementation-specific classes for the Grimp intermediate representation. 
soot.jimple Public classes for the Jimple intermediate representation. 
soot.jimple.internal Internal, messy, implementation-specific classes for the Jimple intermediate representation. 
soot.shimple.toolkits.scalar Some analyses based on Shimple. 

Uses of ConvertToBaf in soot.dava.internal.javaRep

Classes in soot.dava.internal.javaRep that implement ConvertToBaf
 class DAbruptStmt
 class DAssignStmt
 class DDecrementStmt
 class DIdentityStmt
 class DIncrementStmt
 class DInstanceFieldRef
 class DIntConstant
 class DInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class DNewArrayExpr
 class DNewMultiArrayExpr
 class DShortcutAssignStmt
 class DSpecialInvokeExpr
 class DStaticFieldRef
 class DStaticInvokeExpr
 class DVirtualInvokeExpr

Uses of ConvertToBaf in soot.grimp.internal

Classes in soot.grimp.internal that implement ConvertToBaf
 class GArrayRef
 class GAssignStmt
 class GCastExpr
 class GEnterMonitorStmt
 class GExitMonitorStmt
 class GIdentityStmt
 class GIfStmt
 class GInstanceFieldRef
 class GInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class GInvokeStmt
 class GLookupSwitchStmt
 class GNewArrayExpr
 class GNewMultiArrayExpr
 class GReturnStmt
 class GSpecialInvokeExpr
 class GStaticInvokeExpr
 class GTableSwitchStmt
 class GThrowStmt
 class GVirtualInvokeExpr

Uses of ConvertToBaf in soot.jimple

Classes in soot.jimple that implement ConvertToBaf
 class ArithmeticConstant
 class ClassConstant
 class Constant
 class DoubleConstant
 class FloatConstant
 class IntConstant
 class LongConstant
 class NullConstant
 class NumericConstant
 class PlaceholderStmt
 class RealConstant
 class StaticFieldRef
 class StringConstant

Uses of ConvertToBaf in soot.jimple.internal

Classes in soot.jimple.internal that implement ConvertToBaf
 class AbstractCastExpr
 class AbstractDefinitionStmt
 class AbstractInstanceFieldRef
 class AbstractInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class AbstractJimpleFloatBinopExpr
 class AbstractJimpleIntBinopExpr
 class AbstractJimpleIntLongBinopExpr
 class AbstractNewArrayExpr
 class AbstractNewMultiArrayExpr
 class AbstractSpecialInvokeExpr
 class AbstractStaticInvokeExpr
 class AbstractStmt
 class AbstractVirtualInvokeExpr
 class JAddExpr
 class JAndExpr
 class JArrayRef
 class JAssignStmt
 class JBreakpointStmt
 class JCastExpr
 class JCmpExpr
 class JCmpgExpr
 class JCmplExpr
 class JDivExpr
 class JDynamicInvokeExpr
 class JEnterMonitorStmt
 class JEqExpr
 class JExitMonitorStmt
 class JGeExpr
 class JGotoStmt
 class JGtExpr
 class JIdentityStmt
 class JIfStmt
 class JimpleLocal
 class JInstanceFieldRef
 class JInstanceOfExpr
 class JInterfaceInvokeExpr
 class JInvokeStmt
 class JLeExpr
 class JLengthExpr
 class JLookupSwitchStmt
 class JLtExpr
 class JMulExpr
 class JNeExpr
 class JNegExpr
 class JNewArrayExpr
 class JNewExpr
 class JNewMultiArrayExpr
 class JNopStmt
 class JOrExpr
 class JRemExpr
 class JRetStmt
 class JReturnStmt
 class JReturnVoidStmt
 class JShlExpr
 class JShrExpr
 class JSpecialInvokeExpr
 class JStaticInvokeExpr
 class JSubExpr
 class JTableSwitchStmt
 class JThrowStmt
 class JUshrExpr
 class JVirtualInvokeExpr
 class JXorExpr

Uses of ConvertToBaf in soot.jimple.toolkits.infoflow

Classes in soot.jimple.toolkits.infoflow that implement ConvertToBaf
 class FakeJimpleLocal

Uses of ConvertToBaf in soot.shimple.toolkits.scalar

Classes in soot.shimple.toolkits.scalar that implement ConvertToBaf
static class SEvaluator.BottomConstant
          Bottom i.e.
static class SEvaluator.MetaConstant
          Head of a new hierarchy of constants -- Top and Bottom.
static class SEvaluator.TopConstant
          Top i.e.