Package soot.jimple.spark.geom.geomPA

Interface Summary
IWorklist Worklist, abstracts the selection strategy

Class Summary
CallsiteContextVar A general interface for generating traditional context represented variables.
CgEdge Call graph edge
ConstraintsDumper For anyone who wants to experiment their own points-to analysis outside Soot, we provide a facility to dump the program facts to an external file.
ContextTranslator It provides the utilities to translate our numbering context representation to other commonly used representation.
EvalHelper In this class, we provide various methods to explore the internals of points-to result.
GeomEvaluator We provide a set of methods to evaluate the quality of geometric points-to analysis.
GeomPointsTo The main interface for the points-to analysis with geometric encodings.
IVarAbstraction An interface makes the points-to solver automatically adapt to different kind of encodings.
OfflineProcessor This class contains the implementation of all kinds of preprocess algorithms preceding to the pointer analysis.
PointsToDumper Output the points-to matrix in various formats.
SegmentNode The descriptor for a segment.
ShapeNode It is the the abstract super type of geometric figures, also the manager of all the generated sub-type figures.
ZArrayNumberer<E extends Numberable> Similar to the ArrayNumberer in soot.