Class LockAllocationBodyTransformer

  extended by soot.Transformer
      extended by soot.BodyTransformer
          extended by soot.jimple.toolkits.thread.synchronization.LockAllocationBodyTransformer

public class LockAllocationBodyTransformer
extends BodyTransformer

Method Summary
static Value getLockFor(EquivalentValue lockEqVal)
protected  void internalTransform(Body b, FlowSet fs, List<soot.jimple.toolkits.thread.synchronization.CriticalSectionGroup> groups, boolean[] insertedGlobalLock)
protected  void internalTransform(Body b, String phase, Map opts)
          This method is called to perform the transformation itself.
 InstanceFieldRef reconstruct(Body b, PatchingChain<Unit> units, InstanceFieldRef lock, Stmt insertBefore, boolean redirect)
 void redirectTraps(Body b, Unit oldUnit, Unit newUnit)
static LockAllocationBodyTransformer v()
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Method Detail


public static LockAllocationBodyTransformer v()


protected void internalTransform(Body b,
                                 String phase,
                                 Map opts)
Description copied from class: BodyTransformer
This method is called to perform the transformation itself. It is declared abstract; subclasses must implement this method by making it the entry point to their actual Body transformation.

Specified by:
internalTransform in class BodyTransformer
b - the body on which to apply the transformation
phase - the phasename for this transform; not typically used by implementations.
opts - the actual computed options; a combination of default options and Scene specified options.


protected void internalTransform(Body b,
                                 FlowSet fs,
                                 List<soot.jimple.toolkits.thread.synchronization.CriticalSectionGroup> groups,
                                 boolean[] insertedGlobalLock)


public InstanceFieldRef reconstruct(Body b,
                                    PatchingChain<Unit> units,
                                    InstanceFieldRef lock,
                                    Stmt insertBefore,
                                    boolean redirect)


public static Value getLockFor(EquivalentValue lockEqVal)


public void redirectTraps(Body b,
                          Unit oldUnit,
                          Unit newUnit)