Class BriefUnitGraph

  extended by soot.toolkits.graph.UnitGraph
      extended by soot.toolkits.graph.BriefUnitGraph
All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<Unit>, DirectedGraph<Unit>

public class BriefUnitGraph
extends UnitGraph

Represents a CFG where the nodes are Unit instances, and where no edges are included to account for control flow associated with exceptions.

See Also:
Unit, UnitGraph

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class soot.toolkits.graph.UnitGraph
body, heads, method, tails, unitChain, unitToPreds, unitToSuccs
Constructor Summary
BriefUnitGraph(Body body)
          Constructs a BriefUnitGraph given a Body instance.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class soot.toolkits.graph.UnitGraph
addEdge, buildHeadsAndTails, buildUnexceptionalEdges, combineMapValues, getBody, getExtendedBasicBlockPathBetween, getHeads, getPredsOf, getSuccsOf, getTails, iterator, makeMappedListsUnmodifiable, size, toString
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Constructor Detail


public BriefUnitGraph(Body body)
Constructs a BriefUnitGraph given a Body instance.

body - The underlying body we want to make a graph for.