Re: [abc-dev] Extension of abc

From: Pavel Avgustinov <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 15:14:49 +0000

On Friday 14 March 2008 14:15:22 Léonard Babineaux wrote:
> Thank you Pavel.
> It is a desire for me to to be able to parse an aspectj file so I can
> change programatically the aspect according to features of the base code. I
> would then like to be able to regenerate the aspectj code again. I like abc
> because it says it is able to do matching in the base.
> However, this is not possible with abc? Is there some other tool that you
> know that can aid me in my desires?

Not really, sorry.

> Alternatively, is it possible for me to be able to change the aspect and
> then make it produce woven .java files instead of .aj files?

This is quite possible -- you simply need to pass the -dava switch to abc to
run the resulting code through Dava, thus producing Java source. The idea
would then be for you to manipulate the AST at the stage of Polyglot passes;
the woven Java code will be emitted at the end.

- P
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