Re: [abc-users] abc [HEAD] - Java1.5 fetaures

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 13:20:36 +0100

Hallo Pavel,

> I've just talked to some of my colleagues about this. Could you tell us what
> exactly you need in terms of Java 5 support? Would you simply like to be able
> to compile Java 5 source (and use aspects as they currently are)? That should
> be easily doable, and we'll try it out in the near future -- if it works well
> it might make it into the next release, tentatively scheduled for the end of
> the month. [Note, however, that you can also compile your java 5 source with
> a java 5 compiler like javac and then use abc to weave into the resulting
> bytecode...]

For a first test and the evaluation which compiler should be used for
the language extension we are planning it would be sufficient if abc
can compile Java5-code.

In the second step the abc is tested on some AspectJ examples.

> If you also want things like pointcut matching on annotations or other
> AspectJ5 features, then this might be a little bit further in the future,
> although we do plan to look at it (particularly if there is demand).

At the moment I don't know whether the AspectJ examples contains
AspectJ1.5 (or higher) code.

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